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Our programs are focused around accomplishing three projects over the next 5 years.  The Green District Project, The Cobblewood Project, and our Environmental Justice Forum.

Each of our projects give once in a lifetime opportunities for all renttry individuals to work our 30, 60, 90 day programs with record time of earning employment, to provide for themselves and their families.  In unique scenarios stipends and housing are provided to qualifying individuals.

These three projects will allow FOBT Pipeline to take our services and number of  lives impacted to the next level, by reaching our goal of 50 individuals with newly chartered paths yearly from our cohorts.



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The Green District

Northwest Jacksonville

The Green District is a real estate development project that is uplifting the Myrtle Avenue Historic Durkeville neighborhood with affordable housing, business development, and capital injections.

Rebuilding Cobblewood

Rebuilding Cobblewood

We take pride in uplifting the communities in which we invite our individuals to reside. As a result the destroyed neighborhood sign at the Cobblewood neighborhood entrance will be rebuilt for the beautification of our neighbors.

Environmental Justice Forum

Environmental Justice Forum

FOBT Pipeline will be partnering with the city of Jacksonville, sanitation services, and Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to educate, and train eligible residents on conservation practices such as waste management, soil testing, and creating a pipeline directly to interviews with local leaders in this field.

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